Status Update from Program Manager Sibert

See the important update below from PM Sibert regarding our team’s status.


Good Morning All:

Our team’s status is now “Condition Red”… This is due to recent resignations and changes in our command structure, primarily the need for TFL’s, therefore TF-6’s Board Of Directors decided to place our team in the condition red status. However, our team will continue to be available for in-county and in-region use.

While this sounds negative, its not, as this will give us time to restructure appropriately as well as get our inventory cache up to date and better organized accordingly. Yesterday, I attended the SHSGP State Funding Meeting and I was able to speak “face-to-face” with State coordinators, other PM’s, and directors and they assured me this was not a negative thing and does happen from time to time due to either restructuring of teams or retirements of team members. We briefly discussed on bringing a TFL course here to bring us up to par, more to come as I receive it.

I’m planning on having a team meeting hopefully very soon so that we can discuss issues and concerns, moreover I want to hear from you…

Thank you in advance and for your continued patience, I greatly appreciate it and you!!

Stay safe,