Surfside Structure Collapse – Update #1



Yesterday, The forward team for FL TF-6 reported on-scene around 14:00 with the rest of the team arriving shortly after. Upon arrival, TF-6 was immediately integrated into the daytime operations with FL TF-2. Daytime operations are 12:00 (noon) to 00:00 (midnight). This morning TF-6 members began with a morning briefing at 10:00, and started assisting with operations at 12:00. The community support for the operation is incredible. Although lodging is primitive, nearly all other basic needs are met.


FL TF-1 and 2 have spent a considerable amount of time on the pile working to de-layer the collapse area. TF-6 was the first crew to begin “flying” chucks of concrete off the pile working with heavy crane equipment. The structure is a dangerous work site considering the unknown stability of the remaining portion of the building, multiple overhead hazards and a deep-seated fire that has been difficult to control.Scene and crew safety is being taken very seriously by our team members. Florida’s resources are working diligently in rescue mode to provide a great deal of hope to everyone within this community.


More updates will be provided when available…