FL TF-6 completed its first full twelve (12) hour operational period early this morning. A great deal of progress was made as our taskforce along with FL TF-2 and FL TF-3 continued breaching & breaking on the pile. FL TF-3 arrived and setup their basecamp alongside TF-6 & TF-4. They were immediately deployed into the scene to work alongside FL 2 & 6 without delay.
The weather conditions are not ideal. Oppressive heat, high humidity, and thunderstorms occasionally rolling through disrupting operations. Our members are constantly dealing with the elements. However, the taskforce rescue squads, logistical support, medical support, canine handlers, and leadership are working through this with extreme commitment to the mission. Decades of training, leadership, blood, sweat, & tears are showing through, resulting in a proficient & professional operating team.
Our logistical support team has teamed up with other logistical teams from FL 1, 2, 3, and 4 to work together to tackle large logistical requests regardless of team affiliation. This is clearly a “Florida” operation, and the cross-agency teamwork exemplifies that. Our logistics ground crew wakes starts early and beds down late every day providing wrap-around support to the rest of the taskforce. Shout out to law enforcement partners with the overwhelming support from across the state & beyond.
Many of our members, new and old, are navigating & overcoming new operational challenges each shift. The State Fire Marshal’s office is beginning to interweave peer and mental wellness resources into the event as well allowing any responders who need a moment to talk with a professional be provided the time and resource.